What we offer

Strategic Communications

Women’s Sports Group provides expert communications counsel and services to UK and international sports clubs, governing bodies, world-class athletes, sports business leaders, major event bidders, governments and global brands.

Women’s Sports Group delivers compelling, narrative-driven campaigns that promote, enhance and empower women’s sports.

What we offer

Media Rights Management

Women’s Sports Group brings together leading experts in media rights to drive value in women’s sports.

Despite a rapidly growing market, women’s sport remains largely undervalued. Women’s Sports Group will help realise the untapped potential and true worth of women’s sport through an integrated and tailored approach led by renowned media rights specialist David Kogan, founding partner of Reel Enterprises. David has over 20 years’ experience delivering more than £20 billion in sports rights sales for rights holders in the UK and internationally, including for football’s Premier League.

“Women’s sport is at a tipping point. From a media rights perspective it is currently hugely underdeveloped. The Women’s Sports Group will focus on establishing women’s sport as its own economic driver by selling rights on a standalone basis.”

David Kogan, OBE

What we offer

Partnership Development

Women’s Sports Group offers expert advice and support on partnership development.

According to Nielsen there was a 37 per cent increase in the annual number of women’s sports sponsorship deals announced between 2013 and 2017, while the average monetary size of each deal across the same time period grew by 49%, yet it remains significantly underdeveloped.

Women’s Sports Group will work with industry experts to realise this potential, by developing industry leading partnerships that increase the value and profile of women’s sports.

“There is growing interest and more sponsorship opportunities in the women's game and we are changing perceptions. The sport is coming on leaps and bounds, getting bigger and bigger and developing.

We are on an upward trajectory.”

England and Arsenal footballer Danielle Carter (July 2019, BBC Sport)